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Statistics Resources

This guide contains all of the ASC's statistics resources. If you do not see a topic, suggest it through the suggestion box on the Statistics home page.

Research Questions and Hypotheses

These are just a few examples of what the research questions and hypotheses may look like when a regression analysis is appropriate. 

Simple Linear Regression

  • RQ: Does body weight influence cholesterol levels?
    • H0: Bodyweight does not have an influence on cholesterol levels.
    • Ha: Bodyweight has a significant influence on cholesterol levels.
  • RQ: Can IQ be used to predict GPA?
    • H0: IQ does not predict GPA.
    • Ha: IQ is a significant predictor of GPA.

Multiple Linear Regression

  • RQ: Do oxygen, water, and sunlight influence plant growth?
    • H0: Oxygen, water, and sunlight are not related to plant growth.
    • Ha: At least one of the predictor variables is a significant predictor of plant growth.
  • RQ: Are IQ and gender useful in predicting GPA?
    • H0: There is no relationship between IQ or gender, and GPA.
    • Ha: IQ and/or gender significantly predict(s) GPA.

Logistic Regression

  • RQ: Can you predict a person's gender based on income?
    • H0: Income is not a predictor of gender.
    • Ha: There is a predictive relationship between gender and income.
  • RQ: Do customer satisfaction, brand perception, and price perception influence purchase decision?
    • H0: There is no relationship between customer satisfaction, brand perception, price perception, and purchase decision.
    • Ha: At least one of the predictor variables has a predictive relationship with purchase decision.

Multiple Logistic Regression

  • RQ: Do standardized test scores in math, reading, and writing, influence game choice?
    • H0: There is no influence on game choice by standardized test scores.
    • Ha: There is a significant influence of at least one of the predictor variables on game choice.

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