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Research Process

These pages offer an introduction to the research process at a very general level.

Keyword Searching

Keyword searching is generally what you use when you are first beginning a search. Try to break down your topic or research question into the overall main ideas; these main ideas become simple keywords which you may use to search a Library database. Similar to the Topic Ideas Journal, keep a terminology list when you are researching a topic. This will help you remember the words you have already tried searching, the combinations you have used, and any new words you noticed in search results that you want to try in your searches later.

For example, a terminology list on the topic of truama-informed education may include the following:

  • Trauma-Focused Assessment and Interventions
  • Trauma-Informed Education
  • trauma-informed education programs
  • School-Based Intervention
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Trauma-Informed Teaching
  • SCHOOL violence
  • SCHOOL safety School shootings--United States
  • School violence--United States

Searching 101 Part 1 Video

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