Northcentral University is governed by an independent Board of Trustees responsible for the establishment of broad institutional policies for the operation of the University, with oversight responsibility for academics and academic policies, insuring financial resources are adequate to support the University's goals, selecting, supporting and evaluating the President and Chief Executive Officer (President and CEO) of the University, promoting shared governance, and providing continuity to the University.  The Board of Trustees' Bylaws set forth the authorities, responsibilities and functions of the Board of Trustees in the governance of the University.  In matters concerning the management of the University, the Board of Trustees and the Board of Trustee Bylaws shall control to the extent determined by the Board.

The Northcentral University President and CEO reports to the Northcentral University Board of Trustees on academic, performance, policy matters, planning and outcomes, and governance.  The Northcentral University President and CEO collaborates with Executive Team on institutional matters to insure the University meets its goals. The President and CEO reports directly to the Board of Trustees.

A function of the Board is to appoint a President and CEO to manage the day-by-day affairs of the University and to evaluate the President and CEO's performance in meeting institutional objectives.  The Board shall delegate to the President and CEO such authority and responsibilities so as to enable the President and CEO to discharge effectively the duties of the office.  The Board shall be responsible annually to assess its own performance and the performance of the President and CEO against commonly accepted standards for university boards and university presidents and to take such actions as necessary to improve performance of the President and CEO and the Board of Trustees.

The University embraces the concept of "shared governance" advocated by the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges  whereby the President and CEO and the Board of Trustees work together to achieve successful outcomes for the University. Consequently, the duties and responsibilities of the President and CEO and of the Board of Trustees have been detailed in the Northcentral University Bylaws so that Northcentral University can be a successful and a self-sustaining university.  This Board Policy Manual (BPM) is intended to present these roles and bring them together under shared governance.  The BPM is a living document that welcomes changes as the institution and its constituencies change.  

In conducting its business of shared governance, and in selecting, advising and monitoring the President and CEO, the Board of Trustees shall consider the history of the university, its vision, mission, constituencies, educational environment, and the University's position among similar educational institutions.

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