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Institutional Review Board (IRB): US Government or Military Research

IRB Documents Checklist

Not sure which supplemental documents you need for your IRB application? Use our new IRB Documents Checklist!

Contact the IRB

email icon Email us at and CC your dissertation chair

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CITI Program

Research at a US Government or Military Site

You are considered to be using a US government or military research site if any of the following are true:

  • You will be recruiting your participants on or through US government/military property.
  • You and/or your participants will be on US government/military property while you are collecting data.
  • Your and/or your participants will be using US government/military devices (computers, phones, etc.) while you are collecting data.

If you plan to do research utilizing a US government or military site, you must contact AHRPO at as soon as you are considering this option. If you plan to do research with the US Navy, please contact Dr. Nancy Dawood, Department of Navy Human Research Protections Program (DONHRPP) Deputy Director, at

If you choose to do research at a US government or military research site, please note that you will be responsible for learning about their application process, following all of their instructions and guidance, and contacting them directly if you have questions about their requirements. Their review process might take months, and their approval is not guaranteed. You should determine how long it might take to go through their process and decide if you are willing to spend that time. If you decide to go through a lengthy review process with the US government/military, you can talk to your chair or advisor about taking a leave of absence while waiting for permissions.