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TRA-7200: Linking Theory and Practice to Design Trauma-Sensitive Environments

Lesson 1 Resources

Trauma and Learning: Creating a Culture of Educational Access for Inner City Communities
Arnwine Jr., M. (2019). Trauma and learning: Creating a culture of educational access for inner city communities. University of San Francisco Law Review, 53, 77-116.

Creating Trauma Informed Schools
Dombo, E. A. & Sabatino, C. A. (2019). Creating trauma informed schools. Oxford University Press.
(Chapter 1-3,  pg 1-39)

Understanding Trauma: Learning Brain vs. Survival Brain
Ham, J. [Jacob Ham]. (2017, July 25). Understanding trauma: Learning brain vs. survival brain. [Video]. YouTube.

Helping Traumatized Children Learn: The Impact of Trauma on Learning: Part one: Academic Performance
Trauma Sensitive Schools. (2018, August 13). Helping traumatized children learn: The impact of trauma on learning: Part one: Academic performance. [Video]. YouTube.

The Impact of Trauma on Learning: Part Three: Relationships
Trauma Sensitive Schools. (2018, August 13). The impact of trauma on learning: Part three: Relationships. [Video]. YouTube.

Optional Resources
Neuropsychology of Child Maltreatment and Implications for School Psychologists
Davis, A. S., Moss, L. E., Nogin, M. M., & Webb, N. E. (2015). Neuropsychology of child maltreatment and implications for school psychologists. Psychology in the Schools, 52(1), 77-91.

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing
DeGruy, J. (2018). Post traumatic slave syndrome: America's legacy of enduring injury and healing. Joy DeGruy Publications Inc.
This book has a wide range of resources for understanding the role of slavery through the eyes of African Americans today. Utilize any portion of this book that will aid with this week’s assignment, or any portion that personally speaks to you. 

School Related Outcomes of Traumatic Event Exposure and Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Students: A Systematic Review of Research from 1990-2015
Perfect, M. Turley, M., Carlson, J., Yohanna, J., & Gilles, M. P. S. (2016). School related outcomes of traumatic event exposure and traumatic stress symptoms in students: A systematic review of research from 1990-2015. School Mental Health, 8(1), 7-43.

The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children
The National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children (2021). Resources.

The National Child Trauma Stress Network
The National Child Trauma Stress Network (n.d.). Complex trauma.

How Well Do We Understand the Long-Term Health Implications of Childhood Bullying?
Zarate-Garza, P. P., Biggs, B. K., Croarkin, P, Morathe, B., Leffler, J., Cuellar-Barboza, A., & Tye, S. J. (2017). How well do we understand the long-term health implications of childhood bullying? Harvard Review of Psychiatry, 25(2), 89-95.