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SE-5005 v3

Module 1 Lesson 1 Resources

The Law and Special Education

Yell, M. L. (2018). The law and special education (5th ed.). Pearson Education Inc.

Read Chapter 2, pages 13-19. These pages provide an excellent overview of how to locate federal laws and regulations and how to read legal citations. This will be helpful to you thorughout the course as you cite case law.

Read Chapter 3: The History of the Law and Children with Disabilities

This chapter provides a chronology of events that influenced sprecial education law including seminal civil rights cases (e.g., Brown v. Bd. of Educ) up to current laws such as the ESSA of 2015. This chapter will be crucial for your completion of the first assignment.


Chapter 1: Intro the the American Legal System.

While not required for this first assignment, you may wish to read this first chapter to help you understand the basics of the American legal system including laws and types of courts. 

Chapter 2: Legal Research (the rest of the chapter).   Only pp. 13-19 are required reading this week, but you may find the rest of the chapter helpful as well in building your understanding of how to research legal issues and cases.

Access the Redshelf book from your course, in the Getting Started module or from the Bookshelf link, on the top navigation bar.