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PUB-5009: Public Program Evaluation

Week 5 Resources

Evaluation: A systematic approach

Rossi, P. H., Lipsey, M. W., & Henry, G. T. (2019). SAGE.

Assessing program outcomes and implementation (pp. 91-113)

Chapter 4 of this book describes the factors and reasons for evaluations focused on the process.

Measuring and monitoring program outcomes. (pp. 115-141)

Chapter 5 of this book describes the concepts and theories that underlie outcomes evaluation.

Impact evaluation isolating the effects of social programs in the real world. (pp. 143-141)

Chapter 6 of this book describes the importance, purpose, and mechanisms of impact evaluation.


Access your Redshelf book in the Getting Started module of the course or click on Bookshelf in the top navigation bar of the course.