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JFK Law Library

Everything you need for the JD and BALS programs in the JFK School of Law including textbooks, study aids, legal databases, research services, workshops, guides and more.

Overview of Study Aid Access

Aspen Study Aids

Recommended series:

  • Emanuel Crunchtime
  • Examples and Explanations
  • Glannon Guides
  • Casenote Legal Briefs
  • "In Other Words" Audio Lectures
  • Inside

West Academic Recommendations

Recommended series:

  • Acing
  • Short & Happy
  • Concise Hornbooks
  • Hornbooks
  • Nutshell 
  • Legalines

Gilbert's Law Summaries

What Are Gilbert Law Summaries?

Best for: Overview or exam prep

Gilbert Law Summaries give students a detailed, comprehensive outline to prepare for exams. There are 31 subjects covered in Gilbert's Series. Each title also includes a capsule summary that is perfect for last minute review. Students can test their knowledge and fine tune exam skills with Gilbert's actual law school exam questions (multiple choice, short answer, and essay) which are featured at the back of each outline. Every question comes with a fully explained answer, and each question is cross-referenced back to the main outline for further review.

Acing Series

What is the Acing Series?

Best for: Late-Semester Exam Prep

There are 16 Subject Titles in the Acing Series. Titles in the Acing Series use a unique checklist format with sequential questions that help students fully evaluate a subject. The books also present numerous hypothetical problems and sample answers. These are available electronically through your West Study Aids Subscription. Click here to be directed to the series on West Academic Study Aids. 

What is the Emanuel Series?

The Emanuel Series is a premier series of law outlines. Check them out on Wolters Kluwer today!


Concise Hornbook Series

What is the Concise Hornbook Series?

There are 49 Concise Hornbooks to choose from. These are condensed versions of Hornbooks, a standard law treatise series. This series provides a thorough, yet concise restatement and summary on the law. See all 49 here. 



What are Hornbooks?

Offers in-depth insightful analysis. 54 different topics to choose from. See all here

Black Letter Outlines

What are Black Letter Outlines?

Best for: Mid-semester

There are 31 Subject Titles in the Black Letter Outline Series. The Black Letter Outline Series is designed to help students recognize, understand and master the primary principles of law by gaining a good understanding of the rule of law first before applying it to complex fact patterns. They contain comprehensive outlines of particular areas of law, a capsule summary of each outline, practice examinations, and examples and review questions. Click here to be redirected to the Black Letter Outlines on West Academic. 

Concepts & Insights

What is the Concepts and Insights Series?

Best for: Early-Mid Semester

Succinct treatises explaining complex legal doctrines. 46 areas of law. Click here for the entire listing on West Acacemic. 

Quick Review Series series

What is the Quick Review Series?

Short, clear and concise substantive outlines. 15 topics available. Click here to access.