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Introduction to Legal Research for 1L's

This guide will provide an overview of legal research and strategy for First-Year Law Students


Boolean Searching for Better Results




AND, &

libel AND damages

Results must contain both “libel” and “damages”


premarital OR prenuptial

Results must contain either “premarital” or “prenuptial”


negligence NOT criminal

Results must contain “negligence” but not the word “criminal”

w/3, /3

custody /15 interrogation

Results must contain “custody” within 15 words of “interrogation.”

*, !


Results must contain some variation of the stem “testif” such as testified, testify, testifying, etc.



Results must contain m-a-r-i-_-u-a-n-a with any letter substituted for the question mark

“ ”

“estate tax”

Results must contain the exact phrase “estate tax”

(  )

(confront OR cross-examine)

Parentheses tells Fastcase to do the operations contained within it before doing things outside