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SCI-2020 Introduction to Sustainability

Week 6 Resources

Review the resources listed below to prepare for this week’s assignments. The resources may include textbook reading assignments, journal articles, websites, links to tools or software, videos, handouts, rubrics, etc.

Sustainability: A Comprehensive Foundation

In this section of your textbook, you will learn how businesses incorporate Sustainability into their strategies. You will also learn the ways in which businesses map out costs and benefits (or Total Cost Assessment) by assigning different levels of uncertainty. The term “greenwashing” is also defined.

Chapter 11 Sustainable Infrastructure

Read from page 511 to page 590

Theis, T. & Tomkin, J. (Eds.). (2018). Sustainability: A comprehensive foundation. OpenStax CNX.

Interactive Learning Tools for Green Infrastructure and Storm-water Management

The following website was developed by Penn State University. The learning instruction had put together several resources to teach students and community members about sustainable infrastructure. Take the time to explore all the games, videos, and sites. When you have completed your exploration, think, consider how and why these tools were created. Who will benefit in the short-run, and who will help in the long-run from this information?

Interactive learning tools for Green Infrastructure and Storm water Management | Penn State Center for Green Infrastructure and Storm water Management. (2020).


Why Environmental Sustainability is Becoming Big for Business

By reading the article, you will be given evidence that companies with lower greenhouse gas emissions perform better than the average. The article makes the case that being environmentally friendly is good PR and business

Why environmental Sustainability is becoming big for business. (n.d.).

The Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure

The following site provided by The Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure takes you on an exploration of efforts around the world to “go green” in the areas of infrastructure. From the main page, there are eight link articles that discuss the diverse efforts of sustainable infrastructure. Take time to explore each one to gain a better understanding of why businesses and communities are making positive efforts to develop sustainable green infrastructure. 

Projects, D. (2020). Institute for sustainable infrastructure.