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HSA-3000 Management Principles in Health Administration

Week 3 Resources

Chapter 3: Organizational Adaptation and Survival

Liebler, J.G., & McConnell, C.R. (2020). Chapter 3: Organizational adaptation and survival. In Management principles for health professionals (8th ed., pp. 35-68).  Jones & Bartlett. eISBN-13: 9781284183511

Chapter 4: Leadership and the Manager

Liebler, J.G., & McConnell, C.R. (2020). Chapter 4: Leadership and the Manager. In Management principles for health professionals (8th ed., pp. 69-88). Jones & Bartlett. eISBN-13: 9781284183511

These are your Redshelf texts found in the Course Resources tab on the left side navigation bar. In these chapters you will be introduced to fundamental concepts of organizational theory and the valuable role of administrators in healthcare organizations. You will explore the concept of “corporate culture”, which are the unique values, goals and practices of an organization. You will then explore the various responsibilities of managers and leaders in organizations, and discern the distinctions between the two roles. As you read these two chapters, reflect on how you may serve as an administrator, and how you would address the complex issues surrounding the use (but not abuse) of power, authority and influence. If you are currently working, reflect on how you would describe the culture of the organization in which you work.  What are the values and practices you would like to see in an organization? If you serve as an administrator, what types of practices would you be sure to practice to ensure that your work is consistent with your values?