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SOC-2010 v1

Week 8 Resources

Khanacademymedicine. (2014, April 29). Social movements | society and culture | MCAT | Khan Academy [Video file]. Retrieved from

What are social movements? And how might they affect lasting change in society? In this video, you will explore the DNA of social movements. As you watch, consider how leadership, resources, and momentum help shape and sustain social movements. What theories explain the creation of social movements?

Sivers, D. (2010, Feb). How to start a movement [Video file]. Retrieved from

In this TED Talk, you will answer a simple question: How do you start a social movement? According to Derek Sivers, it only takes two. As you watch, consider how this surprising footage sheds invaluable insight on the conditions necessary for a social movement to succeed.

TED-Global. (2014, October). The power of protest – Zeynep Tufekci  [Video file]. Retrieved from 

In this video from TED Global, sociologist Zeynep Tufekci suggests, even though online activism is easy to grow, it often doesn't last and questions why? She shares many worldwide examples of protests and the overall result of the efforts.