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Did you know that NCU Library is trialing the world’s largest image-based government, politics, and law research database? HeinOnline features more than 100 million pages of content, covering more than 80 subject areas. With more historical content than any other database, HeinOnline provides access to 300+ years of information on political development and the complete history of the creation of government and legal systems around the world.

To access the trial, click here, or visit the Library's A-Z Databases page. NCU Library is continually evaluating new databases. Your input is an essential piece of our data-driven, continuous improvement, strategy. When considering new Library resources or services, NCU Library thanks you for sharing your opinions, questions, and comments by completing this feedback form. The trial expires 12/10/2018.


The Library is pleased to announce that a new database has been added to our collection! We now provide subscription access to full-text Thomson Reuters Westlaw Campus Research.

Westlaw Campus Research - Provides access to primary and analytical law sources, news, trade publications, company information, and more.  Full-text content includes American Jurisprudence, 2nd, American Law Reports (ALR), and more that 800 law reviews and journals. Also includes the United States Code Annotated (USCA), all federal and state cases, include Supreme Court cases, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Federal Register, European Union Law

To access Westlaw Campus Research, click the hyperlinked name, or visit the Library's A-Z Databases page, located on the Library's home page.

For an introduction to using this database, see the following video: Introduction to Thomson Reuters Westlaw. Please contact the Library if you have any questions!

Please join us Thursday, April 12, 2018 at 6:00pm Mountain Standard Time (9:00pm Eastern, 8:00pm Central, 7:00pm Mountain DAYLIGHT, 6:00pm Pacific) as we provide you with library essentials necessary to get you off on the right foot. This workshop will familiarize you with the Library’s website and will provide instruction on how to access the Library’s research resources and services.

To register, please visit

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