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Hubbard, Kurt Kinkaide, PHD-PSY - March, 2015
The Impact of Stress and Anxiety and Effects of Progressive Muscle Relaxation on Working Memory and Academic Performance in Health Science Graduate Students

Gibson, Mary Elizabeth, PHD-PSY - March, 2015
Examining the Relationships between Attentional Control, Trait Mindfulness, and Ego Integrity in a Sample of Adults

Moody, Janice Lynn, PHD-PSY - March, 2015
A Quantitative Study of Stress, Locus of Control and Gender as Predictors of Coping with Divorce

Martin, Sirbrenna A., PHD-PSY - March, 2015
The Heterosexual Female: Primary Attachment and the Lived Experience with a Sexual Addict

Frey, James J., PHD-PSY - March, 2015
How Social Networking Media Relates to Organizational Commitment and Motivation in a Modern Context

Fisher, Erin Marie , PHD-PSY - February, 2015
The Reduction of Hyperarousal as a Mechanism for Reducing the Overall Severity of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Harbour, Steven D., PHD-PSY - February, 2015
A Neuroergonomic Quasi-Experiment: Predictors of Situation Awareness and Display Usability with USAF Pilots while Performing Complex Tasks

McFarlane, Debrah A., PHD-PSY - January, 2015
Differences in Perceptions of Prostate Cancer Screening Among Multiethnic Black Men

Morse, Michelle Louise, PHD-PSY - January, 2015
A Qualitative Study of Victim Experiences of Social Support Following a Sexual Assault

Stevenson, Paul E., PHD-PSY - January, 2015
The Effect of Endogenous Oxytocin on Attachment to Inanimate Objects

Stanley, Velma Jean, PHD-PSY - December, 2014
Family Cohesion and Desistance Status in Adult-onset Offenders: Examining Relationships and the Moderating Effects of Gender

Gates, David L., PHD-PSY - December, 2014
The Interaction Effect of Guilt-proneness, Shame-proneness, and Forgiveness on Attachment Security following Infidelity

Behm-Lawton, Jenna Lynn, PHD-PSY - December, 2014
The Effect of Religiosity and Social Norms on Problematic Online Sexual Activity in Christian Young Adults

Zampi, Donna D., PHD-PSY - December, 2014
Efficacy of Theta-Binaural Beats for the Treatment of Chronic Pain

Andrews, Tammy Machelle, PHD-PSY - November, 2014
Leader Creative Self-efficacy Effects on Relationships Between Transformational Leadership and Follower Creativity

Harrell, Kimberley Sherman, PHD-PSY - November, 2014
Impersonal Causality Orientations: A Transcontextual Mediator of Autonomous Motivations

Strojny, Shelley L., PHD-PSY - November, 2014
Beyond Panic: Providers’ Insights on Depersonalization Expanding Clark’s Catastrophic Misinterpretation Model

Welton, Sarah Ruth, PHD-PSY - November, 2014
Toward an Understanding of Adjunct Moral Identity: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis of Professional Marginalization

Darling, Joseph Alan, PHD-PSY - November, 2014
Measuring Indices of Happiness in Adults with Profound Multiple Disabilities

Bassett, Steven John, PHD-PSY - November, 2014
Cognitive Dissonance and Adult Learner Academic Outcomes: The Role of Blended/Hybrid Course Instruction

Terzano, Edith M., PHD-PSY - November, 2014
Exploring the Gender Role of Biological Fatherhood Through the Blogs of Infertile Males

Brewer, Kathryn Jill, PHD-PSY - October, 2014
The Effects of Visualization, Mindful Attention, and Stimulation (VMAS) as a Mind-Body Treatment on Fibromyalgia

Deel, David , PHD-PSY - October, 2014
The Effects of Positive and Negative God-images on Christian Undergraduates’ Attitudes Toward Homosexuals

Spraberry, Shenan , PHD-PSY - October, 2014
Exploration of Paternal Investment to Adolescent Female Age of First Menarche and Sexual Intercourse

McClam, Andrea Hope, PHD-PSY - October, 2014
Prayer, Religious Participation and Marital Satisfaction in Couples with Chronically Ill Children: A Case Study

Mason, Christopher Lionel, PHD-PSY - October, 2014
A Mixed Methods Study on how Change Intentions and Change Readiness Predict Organizational Change Success

Ledi, Edmund , PHD-PSY - October, 2014
Demographic and Job Satisfaction Predictors of BurnoutAmong Rural Therapists in Canada

Burnett-Brown, Jacqueline , PHD-PSY - September, 2014
Racial Dialogues: A Phenomenological Study of Difficult Dialogues from the Perspective of High School English Teachers

LaRue, Barbra , PHD-PSY - September, 2014
A Regression Analysis of Coping Flexibility as the Mediator between Psychological Capital and Well-being in Child Protection Workers

Ireland, Olga Martha, PHD-PSY - September, 2014
Accessing Heritage Culture Resources When Facing Chronic Illness Among Low Acculturated Hispanics

Kranz, Sarah M., PHD-PSY - August, 2014
An Examination of the Relationships between Perceived Parenting Style, Imaginary Audience, and Self-Esteem

Kenien, Nicholas  N., PHD-PSY - August, 2014
A Quantitative Study on the Impact of Cardiac Coherence Training on Executive Functioning in Children

Shmyr, Linda Marie, PHD-PSY - August, 2014
Dog Owners Lived Experiences with Distress Following Human Rejection: An Attachment Perspective

Olson, Kimberly Lynn, PHD-PSY - August, 2014
Academic Entitlement, Perceived Faculty Competence, and School Satisfaction inTraditional and Non-Traditional University Populations

Quigley, Kathleen , PHD-PSY - July, 2014
Impact of Post-traumatic Stress Symptoms on College Self-efficacy and StudentEngagement among Military Members returning from Deployment

Miller, Sandra J., PHD-PSY - June, 2014
Theoretical Consideration of Empathy, Emotional Separation, Emotional Regulation, and Secondary Trauma Stress

Reglin, Russell R., PHD-PSY - June, 2014
Correlational Study of Life Satisfaction as a Mediating Variable between Identity Processing Styles and Academic Success

Bellamy, Frankie Letrell, PHD-PSY - June, 2014
The Relationship between Wellness and Employee Perceptions of Justice: Examining Participation in Physical Activity

Sacco, Robert G., PHD-PSY - May, 2014
Meditation and Meaning Making in Coping With Spiritual Struggles: A Phenomenological Study

Jawed, Naheed , PHD-PSY - May, 2014
The Relationship of Guilt and Shame to Posttraumatic Stress among Instrumental and Reactive Offenders

Hall, Peter Andrew, PHD-PSY - April, 2014
An Exploratory Multiple-Case Study of Gift Giver Beliefs

Harnois, Deborah A., PHD-PSY - April, 2014
The Impact of Coping Strategies Upon Work Stress, Burnout and Job Satisfaction in School Counselors

Ianneo, Brittany , PHD-PSY - April, 2014
Homeostasis of Complementary Pair Theory: Ecological Comparisons in Diverse Universal Design for Learning Environments

Precin, Patricia Jean, PHD-PSY - April, 2014
The Interactive Role of Emotional Intelligence, Attachment Style, and Resilience in thePrediction of Time Perception in Doctoral Students

Douglas, Stacy Clinton, PHD-PSY - April, 2014
The Limino-Hermeneutic Essence of Hypnosis: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

Lievonen, Eve Elizabeth , PHD-PSY - April, 2014
A Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experience of Adaptation and Late-LifeDevelopment in Optimal Agers

McCluggage, Natalie Roberts , PHD-PSY - April, 2014
A Correlational Study of the Degree to which Self-Regulation Predicts Social Competence in Adolescents with Severe Emotional Disturbances

Shaw, Scott Daniel , PHD-PSY - March, 2014
Mindfulness Mechanisms and Stress Level During a Mind-Body Intervention:An Eight-Week Correlational Study of Taekwondo Practitioners

Vander Veen, Dana , PHD-PSY - March, 2014
Acculturation, Obesity Health Risks, and Obesity in Black African Immigrants:Resilience as a Protective Factor

Bruce, Phillip Albert, PHD-PSY - March, 2014
Forgiveness as a Mediator Between Emotional Intelligence and Parent-Child Relationships

Mayer, Christine Marie Varela, PHD-PSY - February, 2014
Depression and Somatization as Moderators of the Relationship between Academic Self- Concept and Academic Success

Watts, Gannon J., PHD-PSY - February, 2014
Relationship among Self-Efficacy, Social Support, Job Satisfaction, and Teacher-Related Burnout

Taylor, Evelyn , PHD-PSY - January, 2014
Race Achievement Gap: How Motivation Orientation, School Climate, and Academic Self-Concept Predict School Achievement

Van Ingen, Barbara , PHD-PSY - January, 2014
Investigating Entity Theory as a Mediator Between Peer Victimization and Cyberbullying

Sturgis, Ronald Carl, PHD-PSY - January, 2014
The Lived Experience of Pregnant Women: The Role of Social Support as a Resilience Resource in Mitigating Stress Processes Associated with Human Pregnancy

Kosh, Emily Parker , PHD-PSY - January, 2014
The Moderating Effect of Personality Traits on Advisor Relationships in Predicting Doctoral Student Burnout

Kamis, Russell Peter, PHD-PSY - December, 2013
The Relationship between Expanded Concepts of Self and Well-Being

Luchies, Mary Katherine , PHD-PSY - December, 2013
Increasing Academic Achievement: The Effects of Social Development prior toKindergarten

Roberts, Donna L., PHD-PSY - December, 2013
An Analysis of the Relationship Between Personality and Susceptibility to Advertising

Keller, Dustin Page, PHD-PSY - December, 2013
Causal-Comparative Effects of Gatekeeper Training for Suicide PreventionUsing Live-Based and Video-Based Training Media

Muller, Josh , PHD-PSY - December, 2013
The Effect of Attribution Retraining on Optimistic Attributional Style and Exercise Adherence in Young Adults

Duquette, Karen Jean-Pentland, PHD-PSY - November, 2013
A Phenomenological Study for Theoretical Understanding of the Experience of First-born Michigan Self-Growth Participants Navigating Major Midlife Transitions

Knoblock, Danny L., PHD-PSY - October, 2013
An Experimental Study of the Effects of In-Vehicle Supports and Cell Phone Usage on Young Drivers

Cripe, Curtis T., PHD-PSY - October, 2013
Family Resilience, Parental Resilience and Stress Mediation in Families with Autistic Children

Lewandowski, Nadine Marie, PHD-PSY - October, 2013
Understanding Wellbeing through the Combination of Hedonic and Eudaimonic Perspectives: A Phenomenological Study

O'Donnell, Peter Joseph, PHD-PSY - September, 2013
Psychological Effects of a Strength-Based Intervention Among Inpatients in Rehabilitation for Pain and Disability

Covino, Fatima E., PHD-PSY - September, 2013
Cognitive Distortions and Gender as Predictors of Emotional Intelligence

Eastman, Gail B., PHD-PSY - September, 2013
The Relationship between Psychological Capital and Workplace Bullying for Nurses

Dahn, Vanessa L. , PHD-PSY - July, 2013
A Qualitative Study of Caregiver Training in Administration of Psychotherapeutic Medications to Male Foster Children

Cesario, Brian , PHD-PSY - July, 2013
Investigating the Consequences of Diffused versus Targeted Workplace Sexual Harassment

Boyd, Melody , PHD-PSY - June, 2013
Examining the Predominant Parenting Style for Students in Academically Accelerated 8th Grade Math Classes as Compared to Students in Typical Math Classes

Aquila, Adrian A. , PHD-PSY - June, 2013
A Five-Factor Model of Relationships: Integrating Motivation, Commitment,Skill-building, Relationship Traits, and Relationship Structure

Macey, Susan , PHD-PSY - June, 2013
Dietary Protocol Adherence after Bariatric Surgery: The Roles of Future Optimism and Positive Spiritual Coping

Talley, Rebecca , PHD-PSY - May, 2013
Cognitive Dissonance: The Causal Factor for Drop Out fromParent Training Programs among Ethnically Diverse Parent Populations

Cassell, Daniel , PHD-PSY - May, 2013
Predicting Adolescent Adaptive Functioning from Childhood Trauma: Model UsingFramework of Erikson’s Psychosocial Developmental Theory

Ciraky, Jim , PHD-PSY - April, 2013
The Effect of Psychotherapist Motivation on Client Attendance.

Abrams, Barbara N, PHD-PSY - April, 2013
Exploring Therapists’ Conceptions of Equine Facilitated/Assisted Psychotherapy for Combat Veterans Experiencing Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Phillips, Shaun , PHD-PSY - March, 2013
The Relationship of Depression, Stress, and Craving to Relapse Occurrence During Medically Assisted Agonist Treatment with Buprenorphine

Adair, Rodger Dean, PHD-PSY - March, 2013
Home Versus Work: Perceptual Effects of Life Threatening Illnesses on Leader/Follower Relationships

Chase-Brennan, Kimberly , PHD-PSY - March, 2013
Aspects of Spirituality as Moderators in the Relationship between Trauma Exposure and Trauma Symptoms

Geyer, Jennifer S, PHD-PSY - January, 2013
Attachment Source in Relationship to Perceived Stress as Mediated by Social Comparison

Roberts, Larry Neil, PHD-PSY - January, 2013
The Relationship Between Learning Styles and Learning Outcomes for Adults in an Informal Educational Setting

Rader, Paul Edward, PHD-PSY - January, 2013
Quasi-Experimental Investigation of an Interaction Effect between Autonomy and Instructor Conscientiousness to Student Satisfaction

Mellin, Laurel McClure, PHD-PSY - January, 2013
Emotional Plasticity Theory: Preliminary Evaluation of Changes in Stress-related Variables in Obese Adults

Edwards, Brenda , PHD-PSY - January, 2013
The Relationship Between Personality Type with Career Major Congruenceand Technical College Students’ Retention Rates

Minor, Cheryl Vasil, PHD-PSY - January, 2013
Promoting Spiritual Well-Being: A Quasi-Experimental Test of Hay and Nye’s Theory of Children’s Spirituality

Semich, Ann Marie , PHD-PSY - December, 2012
Effects of Two Different Hatha Yoga Interventions on Perceived Stress and Five Facets of Mindfulness

Mann, Nancy B., PHD-PSY - December, 2012
Signature Strengths: Gender Differences in Creativity, Persistence, Prudence, Gratitude, and Hope

Skinner, Cyd , PHD-PSY - December, 2012
Gender and Language in Best-selling Children’s Picture Books: Who gets to speak?

Austin-Small, Ophelia Jane , PHD-PSY - November, 2012
The Relationship Between Adolescent Aspirations and Adult Occupational Congruence and Scores of Ego Status, Distress, and Satisfaction

Posson, Don , PHD-PSY - October, 2012
Alcoholics Anonymous: Testing a 12-Step Stage-of-Recovery Meaning-Making Model

Abel, Robert , PHD-PSY - October, 2012
Family Acceptance, Internalized Sexual Stigma and Substance Abuse in Sexual Minority Males

Reynolds, Kimberly L., PHD-PSY - October, 2012
The Effects of Group and Individual Counseling on Anger Levels of Adolescent Males

Hutton, Harold Patrick, PHD-PSY - September, 2012
Wellness Program Variables and Stress: An Extension of the Job Demand-Control Model

Reser, Gary , PHD-PSY - June, 2012
Assessing the Relationship between Adult Attachment and Differentiation of Self to Coparental Divorce Adjustment

Gonzalez-De Jesus, Naydeen Tyffane, PHD-PSY - June, 2012
Career Development of Latinas in Mid-level Community College Administration: A Phenomenological Approach

Grubbs, Michael D, PHD-PSY - June, 2012
The Role of Existential Well-being following Combat in the Development of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder

Reutter, Kirby , PHD-PSY - May, 2012
The Effects of Spirituality and Religiosity upon Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: Mediation, Moderation, or Moderated Mediation?

Feuer, Marie , PHD-PSY - May, 2012
Effect of Extraocular Application of Blue Light Emitting Diodes on Mood in Adults

Adegbola, David Olu-kayode, PHD-PSY - April, 2012
Exploring the Experiences of Test-Anxious Ethnic Minority Students: A Narrative Study

Lambert, Louise Thérèse, PHD-PSY - April, 2012
Running Towards Authentic Happiness: A Phenomenological Exploration

Baty, Sharon , PHD-PSY - April, 2012
Healing the Invisible Wound: Examining Spirituality in the Posttraumatic Growth of Sexual Trauma Survivors

Page, Kathleen J., PHD-PSY - March, 2012
A Grounded Theory Study into the Effects of Bullying on the School Community

Tay, Hwee Li Germaine, PHD-PSY - March, 2012
Stressors and Coping Strategies of Male and Female Inmates in Singapore

Green, Jennifer M., PHD-PSY - March, 2012
The Relationship Between Adjustment and Personal and Work Variables Among American Government Employees and Their Spouses Stationed Abroad

Duley, Larenda Ann, PHD-PSY - January, 2012
A Qualitative Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experiences of Women Remaining in Abusive Relationships

Hill, Sherri Linn, PHD-PSY - January, 2012
Registered Nurses’ Perception of Prosocial Voice, Self-Monitoring Behavior, and Patient-Safety Culture in a Hospital Setting

Patterson, Jana Fields, PHD-PSY - January, 2012
Exploring Generational Differences in Work Values of Administrative Employees at Private Institutions of Higher Education

Gilmore, Perry , PHD-PSY - December, 2011
Predicting Law Enforcement Officer Turnover Using the Revised NEO Personality Inventory (NEO PI-R)

Sheris, Joseph , PHD-PSY - December, 2011
The Lived Experiences of Nonresidential Fathers in the Coparenting Relationship

Tsang-Feign, Cathy , PHD-PSY - November, 2011
Relationships among Attachment Avoidance, Vulnerable Narcissism,and Marital Satisfaction in Upper Echelon Businessmen

Filer, Steven P., PHD-PSY - November, 2011
Parental Alcohol Use and Adolescent Anger, Depression, Anxiety, and Substance Abuse

Talbot, Shawn David, PHD-PSY - November, 2011
Evaluating the Ability of Law Enforcement and Mental Health Professionals to Detect Deception

Lofaso, Cynthia , PHD-PSY - October, 2011
Autonomy, Environmental Mastery, and Resiliency in the Experience of Self-Perceived Burden in Cancer Patients

Peterson, Cynthia  Marie, PHD-PSY - October, 2011
Transcendental Phenomenology of Time TransformationThrough the Lens of Flow Theory

Emery, Brian Kent, PHD-PSY - October, 2011
Neurocognitive Predictors of Flight Performance of Successful Solo Flight Students

Langston, Mary Ellen, PHD-PSY - October, 2011
Stress Effects on Physical Health of Mothers of Sexually Abused Children

Hicks, Mary Helen  Glover, PHD-PSY - September, 2011
Comparing Interpersonal Relationship Changes After Dyadic and Mediational Dispute Interventions for Workplace Conflict

Dickie, Jill Louise, PHD-PSY - September, 2011
A Phenomenological Study of the Experience and Meaning of Compulsive Buying and Mood and/or Anxiety Disorders

Cockerham, John Steve, PHD-PSY - September, 2011
An Integrative Study on the Impact of Undergraduate CourseworkDesigned for College Student Development

McCullough, Leslie M., PHD-PSY - August, 2011
Effect of Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy on Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Youth with History of Maltreatment and Abuse

Israel, Janene , PHD-PSY - August, 2011
A Phenomenological Investigation into Husbands’ Experiences and Care Needs while Caregiving their Clinically Depressed Wives

O'Flynn, Cynthia Diane, PHD-PSY - August, 2011
The Effect of Traumatic and Non-Traumatic Grief on Children’s Human Figure Drawings

Vasher, Brenda Louise, PHD-PSY - July, 2011
Evaluating the Relationship between Subjective Well-Being and Self-Reported EfficacyAmong K-12 Teachers

Lohn, Susan , PHD-PSY - July, 2011
Evaluating Physiological Responses during the Startle Response Using Thermal-Sensitive Goggles

Gray, William Anthony, PHD-PSY - July, 2011
The Effects of Test-Taking Training on Locus of Control, Anxiety, and Performance

Felderman, Theresa , PHD-PSY - July, 2011
An Analysis of Interteaching and Frequent Examinations in the Community College Classroom

Morrow, Hope Elizabeth, PHD-PSY - June, 2011
The Effects of Mortality Salience and Conceptual Focus in CISM Providers: Implications for Mental Health Response to Mass Fatality Disasters

Diamant, Rachel , PHD-PSY - June, 2011
Exploration of the Relationships Between Temperament and Sensory-Processing Behaviors in Parent-Child Dyads

Iverson, Janice Lanay, PHD-PSY - June, 2011
The Mediating Effect of Parental Differential Treatment on the Relationship Between Sibling Chronic Illness and Socio-emotional Well-being

Branson, Dana Christina, PHD-PSY - June, 2011
The Relationship Between Vicarious Trauma and Sexual Desire Among Behavioral Health Clinicians

Roman, Diane E., PHD-PSY - May, 2011
Examining Offender Recidivism and Severity of Offenses in a Mental Health Court

Lloyd, Sandi , PHD-PSY - May, 2011
Emotional Intelligence: A Predictor for Depression as Related to Coping Skills in Older Adults

Holmes, Amy  S., PHD-PSY - May, 2011
Preschool Teacher and Caregiver Perceptions of the Acceptability of Relational Aggression in Children Ages 3-5

Amador, Bernard  , PHD-PSY - May, 2011
The Relation of Physical and Sexual Abuse to Limbic System Functioning and Sociomoral Reasoning in Male Sex Offenders

Lancaster, Sandra J, PHD-PSY - May, 2011
An Investigation of Self-Efficacy for Learning in an Underprepared College Student Population

Hunter, Wanda L, PHD-PSY - April, 2011
The Relationship between Family Transitions, Conduct Problems, Self-Esteem, and Academic Competency in Elementary School Age African American Boys

DeYoung, Emilie D., PHD-PSY - April, 2011
Understanding the Relationship Between Childhood Temperament and the Presence of Childhood Anxiety Disorders

Brannon, Karen , PHD-PSY - April, 2011
The Effects of Leader Communication Medium and Motivating Language on Perceived Leader Effectiveness

Weiby, Kathleen Teresa, PHD-PSY - April, 2011
Parkinson’s Disease: Exploring the Relationship Between Age of Onset and Depression

Taylor, Sharissa , PHD-PSY - March, 2011
The Relationship Among Gender, Depression, Bipolar Tendencies, Sleep Quality, and ADHD in Adult Clinic Patients

Kelly, Judy A, PHD-PSY - March, 2011
Efficacy of Hypnosis for the Treatment of Comorbid Chronic Pain and Insomnia in Older Adults

Savage, Frank Fulton, PHD-PSY - February, 2011
Experiences of Parents and of their Children with ADHD who have undergone Neurotherapy

Sapp, James Franklin, PHD-PSY - January, 2011
Exploring the Relationships between Spiritual Well-Being, Religious Distress, and Depression among Freshmen in a Christian University

Clark, Laura  Elizabeth, PHD-PSY - January, 2011
Marital Satisfaction, Sexual Relationship, Pain, and Psychological Characteristics of Married Women With and Without Vulvodynia

Russell, Sara M., PHD-PSY - January, 2011
Pregnancy Timing in the United States Navy: A Quantitative Assessment of Contraception, Health Locus of Control, Mentorship, Socio-demographics, and Family Planning Programs with Female Sailors

Lo, Pui Hung , PHD-PSY - January, 2011
Examining the Relationship Between the Level of Ability to Live Independently and Level of Competence to Sexually Consent Among Individuals With Mental Handicap

Zaleski, Katrina Ann, PHD-PSY - December, 2010
Examining the Effectiveness of Meditation on Well Being in Subjects without any Self-Reported Psychopathology

Richardson, Hollie , PHD-PSY - December, 2010
A Phenomenological Study of Parental Grief: The Impact of Support Systems

Rebar, Cherie Renee, PHD-PSY - November, 2010
Perceptions of Community of Associate Degree Nurse Learners in an RN-to-BSN Online Program

Thompson, Peter , PHD-PSY - October, 2010
Convergent Validity Between the SIP Subtest and the ImPACT Concussion Test in a Pediatric Population

Hill, Julie A., PHD-PSY - August, 2010
Evaluating the Relationship between Baseline Stage of Change and Actual Health Behavior Change as Measured by a Health Risk Appraisal

Springer, Gary , PHD-PSY - August, 2010
Job Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance Among Bank Employees: A Correlational Study

Stout, David Matthew, PHD-PSY - August, 2010
The Impact of Priming Possible Selves on Perceptions of Invulnerability Among College Students

Hindo, Cindy S., PHD-PSY - June, 2010
The Effects of One-Session Group Activity with Homework on Social Anxiety Disorder

Moliver, Nina L., PHD-PSY - June, 2010
Psychological Wellness, Physical Wellness, and Subjective Vitality in Long-Term Yoginis Over 45

Wollman, Kelly , PHD-PSY - June, 2010
The Dynamics of Expressive Journal Writing: A Case Study on Coping with Loss

Williams, Scott Murdock, PHD-PSY - May, 2010
The Relationship among Family Cohesion, Gender, Level of Acculturation, and Depression in Latino Adolescents

Knapp, Susan Gingrich, PHD-PSY - May, 2010
Assessment of the Relationship between Organizational Culture and Six Sigma Implementation

Woerner, Lucinda Carol, PHD-PSY - April, 2010
Complicated Grief: A Case Study of Pathological Bereavement

Carola, Josephine , PHD-PSY - February, 2010
Perceived Frequency of Change and Burnout among Employees of Varying Position Levels and Organization Types

Medina, Bertha Minjares, PHD-PSY - January, 2010
Career Course Impact on Adolescents’ Levels of Career Decision Self-Efficacy, Hope, and Self-Esteem

Wilhelm, Ronald Leonard, PHD-PSY - December, 2009
Evaluating the Use of Dynamic Assessment to Predict Math Success in Community Colleges

Gordon-Handler, Lisa F., PHD-PSY - November, 2009
The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Clinical Performance in an Occupational Therapy Training Program

Koontz, Janet L., PHD-PSY - October, 2009
Stress, Social Support, Health and Human-Animal Bond in Single Mothers

Brooks, Charles Thomas , PHD-PSY - September, 2009
Alcoholism and Alcohol Dependence: Clinical Perspectives

Rutledge, Birgit Genoveva, PHD-PSY - August, 2009
The Relationship Between Religiosity and Religious Spirituality On Subjective Well-Being

Romanek, John Lewis, PHD-PSY - August, 2009
The Relative Influence of Sensation Seeking and Normal Narcissism on Academic Cheating in Emerging Adults

Kelley, William Daniel, PHD-PSY - July, 2009
The Effectiveness of Reiki as a Complement to Traditional Mental Health Services

Zuck, Greta Ann, PHD-PSY - July, 2009
The Relationship Among Adult-Attachment Style, Adult Personality, and Parenting Stress in Adults Who Adopt Maltreated Children

June, Allen A., PHD-PSY - June, 2009
Examining Self-Disclosure of Workers Through the Exit Interview Process

Malchiodi, Cathy  A, PHD-PSY - May, 2009
The Effect of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder on Children’s Human Figure Drawings

Pledger, Constance , PHD-PSY - May, 2009
Exploratory Study of African Americans’ Perceptions of Genetic Research and Causative Explanations of Diabetes

Favara, Leonard F., PHD-PSY - April, 2009
Examining Followership Styles and Their Relationship with Job Satisfaction and Performance

Charlton, Peter , PHD-PSY - April, 2009
Analyzing the Effects of Telecommuting Practices of Professional Staff on the Cultural Strength of an Organization

Borghese, Peter , PHD-PSY - March, 2009
An Analysis of Predictive, Convergent, and Discriminant Validity of the Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test with Limited English Proficient Mexican-American Elementary Students

Reese, Cynthia Dene, PHD-PSY - March, 2009
Evaluation of the Relationship Between Proactive Risk Assessment and Episodes of Challenging Behavior in Community-Based Behavioral Health Care Settings

Burns, Marna , PHD-PSY - March, 2009
Effect of Handedness on Recall and Recognition of Meta-level and Object-level Statements

Day, Joyce Cerejo, PHD-PSY - March, 2009
Impact of Caregiver Psychoeducation as an Adjunct Treatment for Children with Psychiatric Disorders

Jindrich, Patricia  Lynn, PHD-PSY - March, 2009
Employment, Self-Efficacy, and Childhood Abuse

Roland, Annida Davis, PHD-PSY - March, 2009
Effects of Statements of Gratitude and Praise and the Limitation of Criticism on Self-Reported Marital Satisfaction

Isyanov, Eugene , PHD-PSY - February, 2009
The Effectiveness of Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Workshop on the Emotional States of Russian-speaking Immigrants Residing in the United States

Zizzamia, Angela , PHD-PSY - February, 2009
The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): A Qualitative Exploration of Women’s Experiences in Treating Symptoms of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

Giometti-May, Camille , PHD-PSY - February, 2009
Impact of Inclusion Supports for Students with Disabilities on State Accountability Measures within California School Districts

Green, Jerry Wayne, PHD-PSY - February, 2009
Exploring The Needs Of Teleworkers Using Herzbergs' Two Factor Theory

Weinstock, Deborah , PHD-PSY - January, 2009
A Comparison of Special Education Services and School Achievement among Yiddish/English Bilinguals, Spanish/English Bilinguals, and Monolingual English Speakers

Francis, Kitson M., PHD-PSY - January, 2009

Papavero, Elena Marie, PHD-PSY - January, 2009
Assessing the Relationships Between Person-Organization Fit, Moral Philosophy, and the Motivation to Lead

Chew, Julie Christine, PHD-PSY - January, 2009
Retrospective Electronic Medical Record Study of 10-17 year olds With Suicide Attempts or Suicidal Ideation

Deering, Donald  E., PHD-PSY - December, 2008
Analysis of Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) Patterns in Fibromyalgia Patients as Compared to a Normative Database

Dobkowski, David  Anthony, PHD-PSY - November, 2008

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