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GOOGLE SCHOLAR CITATIONS: How do I export more than one citation at a time from Google Scholar to RefWorks?
WORLDCAT CITATIONS: How do I export citations from WorldCat into RefWorks?
ADD FULL TEXT TO REFWORKS: How do I add the full-text article to a reference I already have saved in the New RefWorks?
ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY IN NEW REFWORKS: Can I create an annotated bibliography using the New RefWorks?
REFWORKS CITATION EDIT: How do I edit a citation in RefWorks?
REFWORKS BIBLIOGRAPHY: How do I create an APA formatted reference list using the New RefWorks?
SAVE TO REFWORKS: How do I save citations to the New RefWorks?
REFWORKS ON MAC: I'm having difficulty with RefWorks on my Mac. Can the Library assist?
LEARNTECHLIB EXPORT TO REFWORKS: How do I export citations from LearnTechLib into RefWorks?
MANUALLY ADDING CITATIONS TO REFWORKS: How can I manually add citations to my RefWorks account?
REFWORKS IMPORT WITH FILTER: How can I import a citation to my RefWorks account?
REFWORKS FOLDERS:How can I move a current folder into a sub-folder position?
ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY IN LEGACY REFWORKS: Can I create an annotated bibliography using Legacy RefWorks?
SAGE EXPORT TO REFWORKS: I am having difficulty exporting citations from SAGE into RefWorks. What should I do?
FULL TEXT IN REFWORKS: How can I access the full-text resource for a reference in my RefWorks account?
REFGRAB-IT: How do I install and use the RefGrab-It feature within RefWorks?
WRITE-N-CITE INSTALLATION: I am having trouble installing Write-N-Cite to use with my RefWorks account. What should I do?
IMPORTING MICROSOFT WORD REFERENCES: How do I import references from a Microsoft Word document to RefWorks?
REFWORKS TRAINING: Where can I access training resources for RefWorks?
TRANSFER REFWORKS: How do I transfer all of my RefWorks citations from another institution's account into a new account at NCU?
ERIC CITATIONS How do I export article citations from ERIC into RefWorks?
REFWORKS LOGIN: I keep getting error messages when I try to login to RefWorks. Is there a solution?
REFWORKS GROUP CODE - What is the RefWorks group code?
REFWORKS AFTER GRADUATION: Can I access RefWorks after I graduate NCU?
REFWORKS ACCOUNT - How do I set up a RefWorks account?