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Tests, Measurements and Scales

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Institute (ADAI) Screening and Assessment Instruments Database – provides instruments on alcohol and other drug use from all relevant disciplines. Some instruments are in the public domain and can be freely downloaded from the web.

American Psychological Association: Finding Information About Psychological Tests – APA FAQ on finding information about psychological tests. Includes published and unpublished psychological tests.

Assessment & Evaluation on the Internet - click on a category to see annotated links to the best sites on the internet that address educational assessment, evaluation and research.

Association of Test Publishers (ATP) - represents providers of tests and assessment tools and/or services related to assessment, selection, screening, certification, licensing, educational or clinical uses. Includes links to test publishers.

Atlas of Integrated Behavioral Health Care Quality Measures - provides a list of existing measures relevant to integrated behavioral health care.

British Psychological Society's Psychological Testing Center – provides test reviews in the areas of Counselling, Education, General Health, Life and Well-being, Occupational and Work, Psychology and more.

Center for HIV Identification, Prevention and Treatment Services (CHIPTS) - directory of instruments including Abuse Assessment Screen, Depression (Thai Version), Emotional Social Support, and Quality of Life, HIV.

Center for Outcome Measurement in Brain Injury (COMBI) – featured scales relating to rehabilitation, disability, cognitive functioning, life satisfaction, and more.

Compendium of Assessment and Research Tools (CART) – a database that provides information on instruments that measure attributes associated with youth development programs.

Center for Equity and Excellence in Education Test Database
- collection of abstracts and descriptions of almost 200 tests commonly used with Limited English Proficient students.

Child Care and Early Education: Datasets, Instruments and Tools for Analysis – search for instruments by keyword or author, or browse by topic.

Directory of Tests with Links to Publishers - links will re-direct you to the publishers' sites for price and ordering information. Test topics include ability, achievement, neuropsychology, personality, psychopathology, and more.

DMOZ- Open Directory Project listing of tests and testing links.

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) - online library of education research and information, sponsored by the Institute of Education Sciences (IES) of the U.S. Department of Education. On the search results screen, select Tests/Questionnaires under Publication Type.

Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC): Tests and Scales – ERIC thesaurus entry lists descriptors of tests and scales which may be used to construct a search. Select a broad category and continue narrowing down to your desired term. Click on “Search collection using this descriptor” to begin your search.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation - online gateway to ERIC's resources on assessment and evaluation.

ETS Test Link – collection of more than 25,000 commercial education tests and other measurement devices from the early 1900s to the present. Tests require purchase.

Health Services and Sciences Research Resources - provides information about research datasets and instruments/indices that are used in Health Services Research, Behavioral and Social Sciences, and Public Health.

International Personality Item Pool - provides access to measures of individual differences, all in the public domain.

Instrument Wizard - site will help you identify and learn more about screening, diagnostic, research, evaluation, and needs assessment instruments designed to measure substance use and related topics. Requires membership fee.

Mental Health Instruments in Non-English Languages - provides links to a range of scales, resources, research and other related information.

National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology (NICHSR) - nformation about research datasets and instruments/indices employed in Health Services Research, Behavioral and Social Sciences and Public Health with links to PubMed.

National Quality Measures Clearinghouse - from the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ), this database & web site provide information on specific evidence-based health care quality measures & measure sets.

Online Evaluation Resource Directory (OERD) - large collection of sound education plans, reports, and instruments from past and current project evaluations in several content areas.

Pearson Assessments - commercial site that offers assessments for clinical and psychological use. Tests are clearly explained for functionality and implementation. Tests can be purchased from this site.

Psychological Tests for Student Use
- list of copyrighted tests that students have permission to use (and so don't have to go through the permission inquiry process), from York University.

Psychosocial Measures for Review (PhenX) - list of psychosocial measures with background information, full text of the measure, and scoring instructions.

Positive Psychology Questionnaires - information about the positive psychology questionnaires, some of which can be downloaded from the site.

PROQOLID: Patient-Reported Outcome and Quality of Life Instruments Database - offers free, but limited public access to their database. For each instrument in the database, you will find 14 categories of basic information (e.g., author, objective, mode of administration, original language, existing translations, pathology, number of items, etc.). Requires registration.

RAND Health - Surveys & Tools - surveys include topics such as Aging and Health, Mental Health, & Quality of Life. All of the surveys from RAND Health are public documents, available without charge.

Registry of Scales and Measures: Psychological Tests, Scales, Questionnaires, and Checklists - scales and measures can be searched by several parameters, including author, title, year of publication, and topic, as well as by scale and item characteristics.

Research Instruments Developed, Adapted or Used by the Stanford Patient Education Research Center - includes scales for research subjects with chronic diseases in English and Spanish. You may use any of these scales at no cost without permission.

SDSU Test Finder - San Diego State University librarians have developed a database of "tests, instruments, rating scales, and measures" available in books.

SDSU Test Finder for Journal Articles
- another tool from San Diego State University allows you to search for complete psychosocial tests, instruments, rating scales, and measures found in the journal literature.

Social-Personality Psychology Questionnaire Instrument Compendium (QIC) - links only to pages where (a) the full instrument is shown, and (b) the instrument was put on the web by the person who created the instrument, thus ensuring that the instrument was intended to be put into the public domain.

Self-Report Measures - from the University of Miami Department of Psychology, a listing of scales made available for use in research and teaching applications. All are available without charge and without any need for permission.

Statistics Solutions Directory of Survey Instruments - each survey instrument's page includes a description, references, and a link to purchase the instrument directly from the author. Individual authorization from the author is required in order to administer any of the surveys. 

Substance Use Screening & Assessment Instruments Database - instruments used for screening and assessment of substance use and substance use disorders. Some instruments are in the public domain and can be freely downloaded from the web; others can only be obtained from the copyright holder.

Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences - an index to 139 print compilations, web sites and other resources for test instruments with nearly 14,000 tests and measurements compiled from 1967 - 2013.

Test Reviews Online - Buros Center for Testing site provides reviews for over 4,000 commercially available tests. Over 2,000 of the tests have been reviewed in Mental Measurements. Reviews require purchase.

USF Test & Measures Collection - indexes some instruments, questionnaires, surveys, or tests that are contained in various books held in libraries. Click "full record" for the test, you will find annotated details about the instrument.