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Remember that the research process takes time and effort. You should not expect to complete all of these steps in only a few hours; in fact, library research for a dissertation often takes years. By thoughtfully approaching your assignment you will be able to pick a reasonable topic, research the topic, and compose an organized piece of scholarly research. Many of the resources that are offered through the Library have been mentioned in this guide, but remember to take a look around the Library website for any additional tools or resources that you may benefit from.

Always feel free to use the Ask a Librarian question form on the Library home page to send a question to the Northcentral University Library. The Library staff are here to support you in your research, so make sure to take advantage of this resource as well!

Additionally, the Northcentral University Library offers live and recorded workshops that will assist you with learning about and navigating through the Library's resources. Consider viewing a Library workshop to learn about the databases relevant to your subject area and how to effectively use them. You can register for a live workshop by going to the Library Workshops page under Services, or you can view a recorded workshop on the Library Workshop Videos page.

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