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Resources for Writing

The Northcentral University Academic Success Center is a useful resource for those in the writing process. You can find information on APA style, different forms of academic writing such as annotated bibliographies and literature reviews, and much more. You can also access Grammarly is available for the student to self-edit and proofread assignments. Grammarly develops essential writing skills by providing automated instructional feedback which can be used to revise assignment submissions. Instructions for accessing Grammarly are located in the Academic Coaching Services community.

For specific APA reference examples, refer to Chapter 7 (pages 193-224) of the Publication Manual of the American Psychology Association (6th ed.). For information about citing references in-text, refer to pages 174-179. The following internet resources also provide valuable information about APA Style:

APA Style Blog

Purdue OWL APA Formatting and Style Guide

For those in the dissertation process, the Northcentral University Dissertation Center is invaluable. You can find the latest copy of the Dissertation Handbook as well as paper templates for each document you will be required to write during the dissertation phase. The Dissertation Center also has an “Ask a Researcher” feature available to help you with general research and statistical questions that might arise during the dissertation research process. Remember that your Dissertation Committee and Chair will be your best resources for any specific questions you may have about your research or research methodology that you have chosen for your study.

Keeping your references well organized is important. You can use RefWorks, which is provided through the Library, to store citation information and format bibliographies in APA style. Use the RefWorks folders to sort your resources by methodology, topic area, variable, resource type, etc. Think of RefWorks as an online filing cabinet for your research resources. This is a great way for you to quickly see how much research you have accumulated in different areas. For more information about RefWorks, including how to create an account, see the RefWorks FAQs



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